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Don't be lost in the fog
I believe that most of the population on this planet have experienced strange spiritual encounters, but do not share them with anyone because they fear being labeled as psychotic.

One thing that most people don’t understand is that we are all different; unlike robots we don’t look the same, we don’t think the same, we don’t act the same, we don’t view things the same, and we sure don’t experience life from a singular point of view.

When you dream about something, can you prove to someone the content of that dream? The answer is “NO” because only you experienced it and it’s not tangible. Each spiritual experience is usually designed to be experienced by the intended individual. If compared to other people’s spiritual experiences they’re usually never the same.  

I for one had many spiritual encounters scattered though out my life. They were not scary or terrifying, but when these things catch you off guard; you would be startled, or you may rub your eyes, shake your head, and shrug it off as if to say “It is just my imagination playing tricks on me”.

These unexplained spiritual experiences can present themselves in many ways. For example;  observing light energy in motion, watching spirit entities standing before you motionless, channelling messages, communications through dreams by important spiritual icons like; God, Jesus, angels, saints, Buddha, Mohammad, or any religious image, depending on the person’s beliefs.

Children in particular are very sensitive to spiritual experiences. They have not been brainwashed yet to judge these encounters, so they think it is normal. As they get older, this ability will start to diminish slowly until it’s all gone and forgotten. But there are those of us who keep this ability through their adulthood, and struggle with it because of the lack of support and knowledge about the subject. They either become depressed along with feeling abnormal or they would be heavily medicated to suppress the symptoms.

The only way to be in control of any situation and benefit from it; is to familiarise yourself with spirituality, and the metaphysical aspect of life. If you are not sure where to start, take a look at the list of recommended spiritual books Part1 and recommended spiritual books part2 in the spirituality menu of this website. Spiritual books are more available in book stores than ever, you could find them under Philosophy, and/or Occult. Spiritual books are not religious books; they do not reflect or push any religious views in any way. After reading many books you will start to understand the common grounds of spirituality. You may even find some spirituality books in libraries. Just remember to take from each book what makes you feel good inside, and leave the rest for someone else.