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Control your magic
People say there is no magic in this world, but the truth is every one of us is a magician. We have the tool, but most of us don’t know how to use it!  Have you ever heard of the term “Mind over Matter”?

Yes.... your mind is the tool! If you know the procedures on how to use it, you could start seeing the changes in your life. In fact it can not only benefit you externally but internally (your health) as well!  

Focus your thoughts on what you want
Are you creating in your life a trick or a treat?

For example let us assume that an object (known as the car) appeared out of nowhere, and you have never seen one before; you may never know that a key is needed to turn it on, and even if you have figured that out, you may not know what this car could do! As far as anybody is concerned, it is a decoration out there with a pretty colour.... or not.

There are two types of magic manifestations that you are creating by default;

1-      The individual manifestations;

This is related to your personal life experiences, and outcomes.

2-      The collective manifestations;

This is related to the global change that happens in our cities, countries, and planet.

The first one affects the other. Why? Because individuals may feel as though they are separate from one another, invisibly they are not. We are all connected. Therefore our collective contributions create our environment as we experience it in our physical reality.

A simple example would be a work place; if the majority of the people you are working with are nice, supportive, understanding, and helpful, this creates a positive atmosphere and motivates the rest to do the same. In the same scenario change the majority to selfish, self-serving, mean, judgemental, and condescending; a negative and less productive environment would be created along with personal fights, sickness, and people quitting their jobs.

This phenomenon I call it “The Boomerang effect”. Whatever people throw out there, will come back to them. Some people call it “karma”, some call it “cause and effect”, or “the laws of the universe”.

The only thing is this; do you want to create magic intentionally or by default?

If you chose intentionally then all you have to do is keep your thoughts positive, stop yourself if you start talking about anything you don’t want in your life, and always think that one day all your dreams will come true. You should also stop concerning yourself with what others are doing or what they are up to. Your energy should be focused on what you want in your life not what is going on next door!

One way to look at this is when you hold the magnifying glass above anything, and channel the sun’s energy into one specific spot soon enough you will start a fire. But if you keep on moving your hand, nothing will happen. Your thoughts can do the same thing; hold the thought of what you want in your mind for a long period of time without contradictions or doubts, and soon enough you will see the manifestations of it in your physical world. 

<![CDATA[Why sometimes we feel life is out of balance]]>Thu, 23 Feb 2012 19:28:25 GMThttp://www.charmingelements.com/life-balance/how-to-find-balance-between-spirit-and-bodyMore and more people are becoming aware of the benefits nature has to offer. They are discovering the magic which existed since the beginning of time. Stop what you are doing for a second and think for a moment; what were the most memorable and happy times of your life? If you put them on a scale, do they outweigh the memories of your entire life? If the answer is no, then you are missing something profound. No....not money...this is not the answer! There are a lot of people with a lot of money, but they are still searching for things to make them happy. These people buy a lot of gadgets, the most expensive cars, and the biggest homes; but that becomes mundane, and passé as time goes by. They start to lose interest in what they have, and find themselves buying more things to fill the void they have inside of them.

Just like your physical body has needs to stay healthy; your spirit inside you is yearning for its needs to be fulfilled. Life is a balance between the physical, and nonphysical. The only way to know if your spirit or nonphysical part of you is asking for something, all you have to do is sense how you feel emotionally on the inside. You are the only one who can understand what these feelings mean. To help you focus, try using meditation, yoga, or sit quietly in a room with soft music, light some candles, have some natural quartz crystals around you, and natural incense. Do not let your mind lead you to think about problems you have. These are negative thoughts that will do the opposite of what you desire. Focus on the bigger picture; something like where would you like to see yourself. Imagining what you want, will help your spirit focus on the outcome of your desire. While you are doing this calming meditation, do not think of other people and how are they going to react, what are they going to do, or what they are going to say. Thinking of others’ behavior will only be a detriment to your dream’s outcome. Focus only on the positives in your mind. If your thoughts begin to lead you away from your dream, reel them back like a fish on the line. Don’t let your puppy (your mind) take you for a walk; you are in control, not the puppy. Once you begin to train your mind to concentrate on the positive thinking, you will notice a difference or a change in your life.

Using what nature has to offer will help us tremendously to discover our hidden powers. We as individuals are not as powerless as some would lead us to believe! Science has only discovered a fraction of what really exists out there. But until science catches up with some of the discoveries yet to be proven possible, most will sit and wait...and wait...and wait for someone to tell them that something is possible to do and how to do it. The clues are all around you, pay attention to nature, songs, dreams, and visions.  Let your intuition lead the way to a new life, and a changed civilization. Let go of your old habits, and create new and improved ones. Do not be possessive towards any physical object, this action will only hold you prisoner to it, and in the end someone else will get it. Anything from the earth to the earth will return. We are all here playing the game of life. The power of a healthy wealthy and happy life lies within you!